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Growing Old Doesn't have to Suck


Growing old doesn’t have to suck.

My Story

I was in a room of 75 health care practitioners when the lecturer said something that would change the trajectory of my life. Before this day, I was confused, frustrated and had all but given up as far as my weight was concerned. Like many of you, I’ve been yo-yo dieting since my 30s.

I’ve tried it all--Nutrisystem (more than once), Lean Cuisines, juice fasts/cleanses, calorie restriction, endless cardio training, and even trying vegetarianism for a short time--but as the decades passed, my weight continued to fluctuate, and I got bigger each year.

As of January 2018, I pretty much gave up the fight. I settled on being what my sons were teasingly calling me, “Frail Old Man.” Read the rest of the story…

The Purpose of Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong is for guys like me that have allowed themselves to become complacent, giving into the societal expectation of aging by becoming overweight, grumpy, intellectually lazy, and emotionally bored. I’m not a Superhero that you’d look to that has these areas dialed in. Instead I want to be a guide who can point you in the direction of resources that have helped me to get off that slippery slope of personal decline.

I believe men were designed to be tender, loving and gracious, at the same time, a warrior, provider and protecter. These podcasts are a kick in the pants and a guide to men, a legacy for my kids, family, and friends of people who I feel are worth listening to and have contributed to my 57 years of life.

Growing old doesn’t have to suck, so join me as I am Finishing Strong.

How to Finish Strong:


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